• You design it.

    STEP 1:

    Join a fully remote dynamic cohort for interactive sessions that will ignite your creativity and push your boundaries. You'll be guided through the design process alongside your peers, where you'll have the opportunity to exchange ideas, receive valuable feedback, and refine your design. 

  • We make the parts.

    STEP 2:

    Upon finalizing your design, we will arrange a personalized review to confirm the readiness of the mechanical files for production. Then, our skilled team will begin the fabrication process, meticulously crafting the components according to your design specifications. 

  • You put it together.

    STEP 3:

    Your crafted components will be delivered to you, ready for you to assemble and add the finishing touches. Whether it's a coat of paint or the addition of stylish hardware, these final steps will elevate your creation. Then, revel in the satisfaction of seeing your vision come to fruition!

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Woodcraft Session: Lamp Design

Creating Ambience

Create your own custom light piece as a table lamp, pendent light, lantern or nightlight. This session focuses on exploring how to manipulate light through form and function.

Product production, materials and shipping included.*


Woodcraft Session: Wall Shelf Design

Vertical Organization

The often overlooked, under utilized wall space provides great opportunities for better managing that horizontal space that always collects stuff. This session focuses on creating a unique hanging space that looks great and serves a purpose.

Product production, materials and shipping included.*



Miniature Statements

Tiny but mighty. Sometimes the smallest things can make the greatest impression. This session focuses on creating objects such as jewelry, magnets and coasters. Think of things that can fit in your hand and let your imagination run free!

Product production, materials and shipping included.*


Think Make Studio

We are a fully remote, tangible learning experience for the creative minded. Our mission is to add meaning to the objects we surround ourselves with and rethink how we consume products. By learning the process of building things, our hope is to add greater value to what we buy.

Tell me more!

Who is this for?

The Think Make experience is intended for anyone who seeks to create a product fully designed and made by you. The product can be a prototype for starting a business, a gift for someone, or a custom statement piece for your home.

Do I need to have design experience to join a session?

Nope! The experience is all about learning and we will guide you through the entire process. If you've ever been curious about what it takes to become a product designer, this is a great place to start!

What software is required?

We'll provide you with limited time access to a vector based software for the duration of the session. Additionally you'll need pen, paper and a tape measure/ruler.

Note: for Self-Guided sessions software is not provided.

What skills will I learn?

You'll learn the basics of the design process and rapid prototyping which include: concept ideation, drafting, design iteration, 2D fabricating and sourcing parts.

Are there limitations to what I can make?

Think Make Studio is a 2D fabrication workshop. Meaning parts are cutout or engraved on a two-dimensional plane. Then the parts are assembled to create a three dimensional form. You can lean more about 2D fabrication from our Fabrication Guide.

What can I expect from the live sessions?

Live sessions are what make the Think Make experience so great. This is your opportunity to connect with others to share your inspiration, work in progress and ask questions. Great designs don't come from silos. The connections you'll make and feedback you'll receive will prove invaluable. View sessions calendar.

What if I can't attend the live sessions?

Sessions can be completed asynchronously or self-guided. However we do encourage attending the live sessions as you will gain more from the experience. We may request one live meeting with our staff to ensure we understand your design and that it is ready for production. This meeting can be scheduled for a time that suites you.